Balcony Music Club

"Where Grown Folk Come To Play"


1331 Decatur Street, New Orleans LA 70116

Phone:  504-301-5912


Ask your friendly Bartender about our daily drink & shot specials!

BMC Signature Drinks

The Center Of The Universe!

         Muddy Waters           Etta Jameson

         Jimmie Hendricks Fizz     Satchmo Sangria

        Billie Holiday      

Uptown Funk

         Esplanade Lemonade       Prima Pimms

            Bottle Beer

 - Abita Amber                 Dos XX Lager

 - Abita Purple Haze       Dos XX Amber

 - Abita Big Easy IPA     Modelo

 - Budweiser                    Modelo Negra

 - Coors Lite                     Red Stripe

 - Michelob Ultra             New Castle

 - Miller High Life             O'Douls

 - Heinikin                          Crispin Hard Cider

 - Corona                           Woodchuck Cider

 - Yuengling Lager          Stella

 - Yuengling Black           Pabst Blue Ribbon

 - Yuengling Light            Miller Genuine

 - Pacifico                           Miller Lite

 - LA 31                               Sierra Nevada 

  Draft Beers

- Abita Andygator

- Abita Purple Haze

- Abita Seasonal

- Abita Amber

- Yuengling Lager

- Stella Artois

- Lagunitas IPA

- Blue Moon

- Pabst Blue Ribbon

- Coors Lite


- Cabernet

- Merlot

- Chardonay

- Pinot Grigio

- White Zinfindal